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Insurance Lead Generation Singapore Hacks: Proven Strategies That Will Double Your Lead Quality!

Wolfgang Creatives is dedicated to help Singapore perform better lead generation, so we are starting a series of Blog Articles, especially in the realm of insurance lead generation!

Here goes the first hack:

Singapore Lead Generation #1 Hack) Secret techniques to exclude certain races that are not their target market!

Facebook has one of the most advanced system in terms of lead generation. It has a low barrier to entry, with an easy to use User Interface…

However, it is definitely hard to master. It is what we call in the large gaming industry “a high skill cap!”

To begin with, the insurance industry has various methods to get leads, namely:

  1. Telemarketing Cold Calls... but the conversion rates low; 1 to 3 / 100.

  2. Warm and Referrals... but it is exhaustive.

  3. Creating a Landing Page + SEO/SEM... but much technical skills are needed for this, that’s why we help our clients who need a landing page + SEO/SEM specifically.

  4. Flyers... but the hit rate is really low.

  5. Road Shows and Street Canvassing... but it has been banned during covid.

As such, Facebook Lead Generation is the next generation Digital Strategy forward that is wallet friendly, yet can generate Quality Leads in Singapore!

However, one of the first issues an insurance agent may encounter when starting out Facebook Lead Generation for insurance is:

Getting leads from certain races that are not within their target market!

Yes! This is a sensitive topic rarely discussed because Facebook has a non-discriminatory policy. We are covering this topic with Facebook guidelines strongly in mind, especially because we are Official Marketing Partner of Facebook!

We understand that certain races might not be your target audience, but there aren't many ways to exclude them except for interest targeting.

At Wolfgang Creatives, we have mastered a TON of Insurance Lead Generation Exclusion Hacks as we have done Facebook advertising for years! Here are some of the secret techniques to exclude certain races:

1) Set Languages To English Only

Under Ad Set → Languages, there is an option that is severely overlooked. You may select English (All), Chinese (All), etc to limit to users that use their Facebook in their set user language.

2) Target Mobile devices

Under Ad Set → Manual Placements, click on the hidden “Show More Options”, and you can target certain mobile devices from there. How is this relevant? We’d leave it to you to infer.

3) Exclusion Using Very Specific Detailed Targeting Keywords

Under Ad Set → Detailed Targeting Exclusion, there are very specific keywords that will actually exclude certain races indirectly. One such example is the “Away from hometown” demographic keyword.

At Wolfgang Creatives, we deploy entire sets of such keywords to perform insurance lead generation in Singapore well, and it is over time and experience that we have refined these sets of keywords. Contact us to know more!

But wait.... Is that all? Let’s go to our final Best Method for insurance lead generation in Singapore!

4) API Proprietary Targeting Exclusion!

At Wolfgang Creatives, we use a proprietary self developed software with API to Facebook, that excludes certain races in Singapore.

A proprietary self developed software to perform exclusions is the BEST method we have by far. However, it takes rigorous building which encompasses:

Technical Business Requirement Gathering.

Coding and Scripting Development.

API Integration.

API Interface Testing.

User Acceptance Tests (UAT).

System Integration Tests (SIT).

User Verification Tests (UVT).

System Launch and Go Live.

This is the core reason why our results have been consistent and awesome throughout the years and it is impossible to replicate or copy what we have, simply because it is proprietary!

Do drop us a message if you are having troubles with Lead Generation in Singapore, especially pertaining to Insurance Lead Generation, and we will definitely help you out using all the hidden trade secrets and techniques that we have!


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